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J&J Corporate Identity

While Global Creative Director at Johnson & Johnson for 8 years, Todd was responsible for design and management of the corporate brand identity system across key internal and external touch points. Leading a team of designers, strategists and operation managers, with expertise across media, he was able to align the brand’s visual identity to enable a consistent and innovative approach for the first time in the company’s 125 year history.

Johnson’s Baby

From 2007-2010, Todd and Christina served as the design and strategy leads on the massive redesign of the company’s flagship baby portfolio. The project took several years to implement, and the package design system and “we love babies label copy they created can still be seen on shelves around the world today.


Before leaving J&J early in 2015, Todd and his team finalized the global package redesign for Tylenol. This strengthened its core visual attributes and aligned the packaging across regions to establish a consistent global equity.