We dream big

Boombox is Christina’s brainchild and True Geist’s first incubator brand. It all started when Christina’s friends began making memory boxes for each other as they turned 40. We’ll pause here for, “What? She doesn’t look a day over 25!”

A Boombox is the gift of a lifetime. It’s a collection of stories, memories, wishes and photos from the people who matter most in your life. Every note is typeset by a designer and printed on an individual card, creating a one-of-a-kind, treasured gift for any special occasion. The effect is – boom! – emotional and unforgettable.  Most say it’s the best gift they’ve ever received.

The Boombox™ brand is a True Geist creation. The online experience of purchasing a box, inviting collaborators and capturing their messages and photos, was built by our development partner, GoodFolk.