We are True Geist.

We name companies and products. 

We create meaningful logos that stand the test of time. 

We design retail packaging all over the world. 

We are led by Todd True and Christina Geist, veterans of Landor, Interbrand and Johnson & Johnson. 

Grab a seat. Let’s dive in...


Here’s what we do:



Sure, we’re creative thinkers. But, we’re also creative listeners. We know how to read your team, how to interpret your brief, and how to answer your design and copywriting challenges with thoughtful, beautiful creative.



With over 20 years designing and managing creative teams on both the agency and client side, we’ve designed visual identity systems for Fortune 100 companies and consumer brands all over the globe.

AXR Winery

Package Design

It’s the hardest-working member of your marketing team. And sometimes it needs a little help. From baby wash to gourmet wine, we’ve designed packaging for some of the world’s most recognized and beloved brands.